July 2015

- The Afterword, February 2, 2015: Quintessence: A History by Colin Harper

Originally written for Record Collector magazine in 2014, the article on the band's history is now online and is certainly worth reading.

April 2015


A gathering place for the hippies and seekers, beautiful Heidelberg was a centre for the spiritually inclined in the early 70s. We recently downloaded a tape of a Quintessence gig there at the Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeist-Kirche) from November 18, 1972. The band played as a quartet, as Shiv and Mahadev had been sacked from the band in June of that year. No wonder the music is a bit, well, different, but the sound of the tape is amazingly good!

More information (scroll down a wee bit) here.


March 2015

Entry in ROXIKON (in German), an online encyclopedia of rock and pop music with more than 2000 articles.

Factual information, also mentioning follow-up projects like SHIVA SHAKTI or SHIVA'S QUINTESSENCE

October 2014

- psychedelic baby, September 14, 2014: -Quintessentially a cosmic trip

In-depth narration of the Quintessence story and a fantastic read indeed by writer Brian R. Banks! Featuring a great number of graphics and pix from this website, all with our consent, with many links to this website and others - greatly recommended!

June 2014

Online article in a blog about Quintessence

- the garage, April 25, 2014: Quintessence in never never land

As usual, pix/graphics taken from this website without our consent, no link to our website either

Still, a nice narration of what Quintessence were about, not shying away from mentioning the strange and contradictory machinations of its so-called leader concerning money and the sacking of group members…

March 2014

- All the re-issues of Quintessence material on HUX Records (2014).

- A review by Colin Harper on his website 'where music matters more…':

- His review of the SHIVA'S QUINTESSENCE album ONLY LOVE CAN SAVE US also here.


May 2012


- Uploaded some Ralph Beauvert videos on Youtube:

  WYLD SPACE JAM (1988):

  TIME & DISTANCE (1989):


  I BELIEVE IN YOU (1991):


March 2012

-   Six new articles scanned and sent to us from the great Jonathan Simpson who is a longtime Quintessence friend and connoisseur. Articles are from diverse sources such as International Times (1969), Record Song Book which was printed in 1970, Disc and Music Echo (1971), Sounds from June 1972, and Rolling Stone from June 1972. Look here.

February 2012

-   New page for Ralph Beauvert. Biography and Discography of Ralph 'Rudra' Beauvert - his musical journey from the early '70s heady Krautrock origins to the Mooncow Project, Shiva Shakti and Shiva's Quintessence. Look here.

June 2011


 - New release from HUX Records. Shiva performing with Maha Dev's Quintessence at the 40th Glastonbury Festival, produced by John Barham and dedicated to Stanly Barr. See here.

June 2011


 - New compilation release from HUX Records. Two new songs coupled with tracks from the Shiva Shakti and Shiva's Quintessence 'Cosmic Surfer'albums, with 8-page booklet and great graphics. See here.

April 2011

-   This performance by Quintessence was at the last Hyde Park Free Concert - which also featured The Soft Machine, The Social Deviants, Al Stewart and The Edgar Broughton Band. This Youtube clip is a real gem and is the earliest known live footage of the band. Look here.

October 2010


   Allan Mostert returns to the stage. Living in Spain with his   wife Moni since 2006, they gave a rare performance at the Teatro Casa De La Musica  in Carboneras De Guadazaón, Spain. See the main Quintessence page here.

September 2010


  New release from HUX Records.Exquisitely remastered by Ron Geesin, with two previously unreleased live tracks and two brand new vocal takes, this CD debut of Kala's complete works has been compiled with the full co-operation of Phil and Dave. See the main Quintessence page here.

July 2010


 - It was Karma that brought Shiva Jones back to England this year to perform with Maha Dev's Quintessence at the 40th Glastonbury Festival. The BBC showed a few snippets from an upcoming documentary. Also present was original drummer Jake Milton who didn't perform though.

    Have a look on the main Quintessence page here.

January 2010


 - New interview with John Barham uploaded. He was the producer to the stars like George Harrison and John   

   Lennon in the 70s. He also produced and arranged the first three Quintessence albums on Island Records. Read it here.

December 2009


 - New reviews page  for the Quintessence live albums uploaded:

November 2009


 - New graphics uploaded, some were used for the new Quintessence live albums:

   They are spread all over the Quintessence pages, in the Gallery and the Press as well. With many thanks to Colin Harper

October 2009


 - Two New Releases from HUX RECORDS in the Quintessence albums section:

   Cosmic Energy - Live At San Pancras 1970 (CD)

   Infinite Love - Live At Queen Elizabeth Hall 1971 (double CD)

 - Updated Tracklists for Quintessence albums:

 - New page NEWS & UPDATES (this webpage):

September 2009


 - Two new graphics for the Quintessence Page:    

 - New page: The QUINTESSENCE Chronology

July 2009


 - Poster of Aachen 1970 sent by Jeremy Dunn from Berlin:

June 2009


 - Uploaded two Quintessence videos on Youtube:



 - Updated the page on Swami Ambikananda

March 2009


 - Updated the Links page here:

January 2009


 - New page THE SHOP here:

August 2008


 - Uploaded the following videos on :



   SHIVA'S QUINTESSENCE - Didgeridoo Medicine Man (Part One)

July 2008

 - Link to Quintessence fan Mick Riley's Youtube channel:

June 2008

 - Link to Quintessence sequence of Glastonbury Fayre film on Youtube:

February 2008


 - New page Tracklists for Quintessence albums:

April 2007


 - New page Reviews for the Cosmic Surfer album:

January 2007


 - New page for Swami Ambikananda:

June 2006


 - New pictures from the Kralingen Festival 1970: 

March 2006


 - New page of Quintessence concert ads:

February 2006


 - New page Professor Cornelius'Q & A with Allan Mostert:

December 2005


 - New page Professor Cornelius'Q & A with Maha Dev:

November 2005


 - New page Professor Cornelius'Guide to the Sonic Excellence of Rudra Beauvert:

October 2005


 - New page Professor Cornelius'interview with Shiva Jones and Rudra Beauvert:

September 2005


 - Professor Cornelius Pages online on the Mooncow H.Q. server :

 - New page Professor Cornelius'Guide to Quintessence Listening Pleasure:

August 2005



January 2005



January 2004



October 2003


 - New page WOT PEOPLE SAY (a selection of written feedback):

July 2003

Oldie Markt Magazin 07/2003
- Review of the SHIVA SHAKTI CD (in German)
- Look here:


June 2003


 - New page SHIVA SHAKTI:

January 2002


 - New page THE PRESS:

August 2001


 - New page THE GALLERY:

July 1999


 - New page QUINTESSENCE online:

January 1999


 - MOONCOW H.Q. goes online:



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